Matteo Redaelli Photography & Video

Matteo Redaelli Photography & Video

Matteo is a Biology Doctor and travel / landscape photographer & videomaker based in Milan, Italy.
He experienced different publications, exhibitions and photographic events and he dedicated hisself to landscape photography and videography as you can see through the online website.

He offers different kind of products as it is possible to see in the SHOP PAGE:

and he experienced different ways of Nature Landscape videography in the SHORT NATURE DOCUMENTARIES:
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As Natural Science biologist he believe that landscape and nature photography offers new possibility to make real a collection of prints to the client.
On the online website or paper formats, beside magazines, his prints are usually available on A4 paper format.
He also have unique pictures from the landscape made by aerial images that you can find in this link and more in the other images in the dedicated page of TRAVEL PHOTO CONTESTS.

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If you are interested or have some requests, complete the contact page!

Matteo Redaelli Photography & Video
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